Vision :

At Anand College of Legal Studies (ACLS), we aspire to become the leading Institute in the field of law. Following the motto of our Shri Ramkrishna Seva Mandal ” Bahujana Hitaay Bahujana Sukhaay” ( for the interest of many and for betterment of many) we constantly strive to create a community of law professionals intellectuals and visionaries who are competent committed and compassionate to advance social welfare and Justice with a thorough knowledge of law.

Our mission is to equip the future leaders, legislators, legal experts and academics with the necessary skills and knowledge required to bring about the change we wish to see in our society. We strive to impart qualitative education with law students and professionals alike to ease their understanding of our judicial system and also the complex process of enactment enforcement and interpretation of law.


At ACLS, our endeavour is to develop overall personality of students with specialization in the field of law. Our objectives are:

  • To promote legal awareness in the society to achieve social and economic justice.
  • To impart comprehensive Legal education to law students and legal professionals to help them achieve excellence in their respective fields.
  • To develop implement and support innovative methods of teaching and learning.
  • To develop a systematic student centre approach that emphasizes on success through excellence.
  • To Foster sports and co-curricular activity among students for their overall personality growth.
  • To develop new academic courses and revise current academic programs to keep pace with ever changing scenario.
  • To encourage and support the staff for their personal growth as Academics.
  • To create a clean cohesive and cooperative environment to suit the needs of students and staff.
  • To provide education, practical hands on experience and training to students.
  • To cater various employment opportunities in many industries.